Oceanside, CA, United States

Tommy-Civ-2-2The MTA exam for software testing fundamentals was a big first of many steps for me into the world of IT. I currently work as a Tactical Data Systems Administrator as an active duty United States Marine. Part of my job is to test software before it fielded to the fleet Marine Corps. As a current student of the Microsoft Software Systems Academy, this certification has opened up opportunity for my future. I have an interview with Microsoft next month.

I would absolutely recommend and have recommended the Microsoft Technical Associate exam series to almost every co-worker I have. I am a huge advocate of continuing education at any age. Taking this exam has opened up doors for me and I hope for my fellow Marines that it does the same for them. I would very much love for them to succeed just as this exam process has assisted me in reaching for my goals. If they do well, I feel like I helped impact them.


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