Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Student at TCAT Shelbyville and Program Manager in Telecom

10177946_10202804048680988_3876354961224271945_nI’m almost 40 and plotting a career change. The MTA certification was taken as a first step confidence builder. The entry level jobs are being filled with kids who have never known a world without the internet, and the prospect of managing this generation is intimidating. It was up to me to increase my skill set, and the MTA exams are a way to demonstrate to my current employer that I have the skills necessary to advance in my leadership role.

I would recommend MTA certification to anyone interested in pursuing IT or demonstrating skills with Microsoft. As Microsoft is the dominate leader in the business world, the MTA certifications show a solid understanding of the products and services. The price of the exams combined with the necessary knowledge needed to pass the exams is a solid value of time and money well spent.


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