Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States
Student at Tennessee College of Applied Technology

1958013_701561586561903_2117134897_nI chose to obtain my MTA certification to help provide the first step towards being well versed in the IT field. Passing my first MTA exam was a great confidence booster for me; I came out of that testing room smiling ear to ear. We should all show pride in any career we choose and extra certs help show that. I plan to take as many MTA certifications as I can before I graduate to help provide myself with a strong base in many different areas required for the field.

I would recommend that everyone to obtain as many MTA certifications as they can. Not only does it provide extra knowledge that we should all strive for, but it also helps show your dedication which is something that is always needed more and more in any field. MTA certifications are a great way to show your employers you’re dedicated by proving you’ll go the extra mile to better yourself for your career.


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