Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States
Returning Full Time Student

IMG_8770If someone asks you what the “normal” face of a college student looked like, I’m sure I would not come to mind. I am part of the “over the hill gang”, but due to Enterprise requirements, I found out my skills needed a major update to be employable in today’s workforce. A four year degree today is not relevant without new skills and certifications. I don’t want my age to be a determining factor, so I’m giving it all I’ve got!

Every certification taken adds a layer and depth to your portfolio. It can only assist you in obtaining your personal goals and should be considered a great accomplishment. I plan to take every opportunity while I am a student to pursue as many certifications as I can. In the very least, the certifications I have earned should be evidence that I was and am willing to go the extra mile!


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