Lewisburg, TN, United States

HarryMTAAs of right now, my career goal is to work in a datacenter. This will be no easy task and will take hard work and dedication. The MTA certifications show that I have the dedication to go that extra mile and to put in that extra effort that others may not have. It also shows that you have a wider range of knowledge in the field. I will work to get any MTA certification I can, not to only strengthen my resume, but to show my dedication and my hard work to my future employers.

I would recommend the MTA certifications to anyone who wants to progress in the IT field. The MTA not only adds to the worth of an employee, but represents a drive that is not found in everyone. A drive to push yourself further and increase one’s knowledge of the industry. The MTA certifications are more than just an add-on certification; they are a badge of character that shows dedication, perseverance, and knowledge. This is why I would recommend the MTA.


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