Accra, Ghana

DSC00009I pursued the MTA program with the aim of building an IT career to become a Network Administrator. My first laptop became my best friend because it taught me all I knew about IT before participating in the MTA program. I knew a lot about hardware and software but what I lacked was certification. After my university education, it was time to find a job and that was when I got hooked up with a company called Niletin Inst. Of Tech. in Ghana.

Of course I would recommend MTA. When I completed my tertiary education, it wasn’t my university qualification alone that got me the job but in conjunction with my MTA qualification. Even though I have not gotten far in my IT career, I can boldly say that my MTA Networking Fundamentals has gotten me a step closer to my dream profession. With MTA, any career of your choice is not too far fetched and I’m proud to be part of this family.


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