Nairobi, Kenya

ginaThe MTA certification helped to distinguish me from other recent graduates who had just finished their degree. With MTA, I secured one of the best, high-class, quality internships at the UN where the competition for a job, internship or even volunteer work is very high. Out of over a 1,000 applicants, I was singled out and selected due to the extra MTA certification. For me, MTA is the ignition key to a long and successful journey in my IT profession.

I would recommend MTA to anyone who would like to kick start their IT career life, especially recent graduates and tech enthusiasts. I would also encourage those with diplomas and basic certifications to boost their credentials with the MTA certification. The MTA certification places you on a higher playing field. It’s like your VIP ticket to a job interview because your chance will always be reserved for you. Ultimately, it will earn you respect and give you direction.


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