Payson, Utah, United States
Student at Payson High School

10155869_10201839608739296_1887808774909605653_nEarning my MTA certifications has helped me with my education and course work. I’m planning to go further into computers and get more certifications. I recently got a job because of my certifications and that is going to impact my life very well. I can’t wait for my future, going to college and getting better jobs and more certifications. Learning more about computers and Microsoft products is what I’ve done my whole life and love doing it.

I have recommended MTA certifications to my dad and a couple of friends. They let you learn the basics of Microsoft and it goes deeper than you thought before. Having these certifications can help you get an entry level job while you’re still working on your A+. Security+, Network+, or any other certifications you plan on getting to find better jobs or learn more about your hobby can help you and your friends and family.


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